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Create incremental, compressed, encrypted and versioned backups. Can also upload the backups to a variety of backend services. It is worth mentioning that depending on the version, some options may not be available (e.g. --gio in 2.0.0). More information:

  • Backup a directory via FTPS to a remote machine, encrypting it with a password:

FTP_PASSWORD={{ftp_login_password}} PASSPHRASE={{encryption_password}} duplicity {{path/to/source/directory}} {{ftps://user@hostname/target/directory/path/}}

  • Backup a directory to Amazon S3, doing a full backup every month:

duplicity --full-if-older-than {{1M}} s3://{{bucket_name[/prefix]}}

  • Delete versions older than 1 year from a backup stored on a WebDAV share:

FTP_PASSWORD={{webdav_login_password}} duplicity remove-older-than {{1Y}} --force {{webdav[s]://user@hostname[:port]/some_dir}}

  • List the available backups:

duplicity collection-status "file://{{absolute/path/to/backup/directory}}"

  • List the files in a backup stored on a remote machine, via SSH:

duplicity list-current-files --time {{YYYY-MM-DD}} scp://{{user@hostname}}/{{path/to/backup/dir}}

  • Restore a subdirectory from a GnuPG-encrypted local backup to a given location:

PASSPHRASE={{gpg_key_password}} duplicity restore --encrypt-key {{gpg_key_id}} --path-to-restore {{relative/path/restoredirectory}} file://{{absolute/path/to/backup/directory}} {{path/to/directory/to/restore/to}}