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Easily install prebuilt binaries from GitHub. More information:

  • Download a prebuilt binary for the current system from a repository on GitHub:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}}

  • Download from a URL:

eget {{}}

  • Specify the location to place the downloaded files:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}} --to={{path/to/directory}}

  • Specify a Git tag instead of using the latest version:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}} --tag={{v2.0.10}}

  • Install the latest pre-release instead of the latest stable version:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}} --pre-release

  • Only download the asset, skipping extraction:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}} --download-only

  • Only download if there is a newer release then the currently downloaded version:

eget {{zyedidia/micro}} --upgrade-only