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Manage Android emulators. More information:

  • Start an Android emulator device:

emulator -avd {{name}}

  • Display the webcams on your development computer that are available for emulation:

emulator -avd {{name}} -webcam-list

  • Start an emulator overriding the facing back camera setting (use -camera-front for front camera):

emulator -avd {{name}} -camera-back {{none|emulated|webcamN}}

  • Start an emulator, with a maximum network speed:

emulator -avd {{name}} -netspeed {{gsm|hscsd|gprs|edge|hsdpa|lte|evdo|full}}

  • Start an emulator with network latency:

emulator -avd {{name}} -netdelay {{gsm|hscsd|gprs|edge|hsdpa|lte|evdo|none}}

  • Start an emulator, making all TCP connections through a specified HTTP/HTTPS proxy (port number is required):

emulator -avd {{name}} -http-proxy {{}}

  • Start an emulator with a given SD card partition image file:

emulator -avd {{name}} -sdcard {{path/to/sdcard.img}}

  • Display help:

emulator -help