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Run arbitrary commands when files change. More information:

  • Rebuild with make if any file in any subdirectory changes:

{{ag -l}} | entr {{make}}

  • Rebuild and test with make if any .c source files in the current directory change:

{{ls *.c}} | entr {{'make && make test'}}

  • Send a SIGTERM to any previously spawned ruby subprocesses before executing ruby main.rb:

{{ls *.rb}} | entr -r {{ruby main.rb}}

  • Run a command with the changed file (/_) as an argument:

{{ls *.sql}} | entr {{psql -f}} /_

  • [c]lear the screen and run a query after the SQL script is updated:

{{echo my.sql}} | entr -cp {{psql -f}} /_

  • Rebuild the project if source files change, limiting output to the first few lines:

{{find src/}} | entr -s {{'make | sed 10q'}}

  • Launch and auto-[r]eload a Node.js server:

{{ls *.js}} | entr -r {{node app.js}}