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Electrode Native platform command-line client. More information:

  • Create a new ern application (MiniApp):

ern create-miniapp {{application_name}}

  • Run one or more MiniApps in the iOS/Android Runner application:

ern run-{{ios|android}}

  • Create an Electrode Native container:

ern create-container --miniapps {{/path/to/miniapp_directory}} --platform {{ios|android}}

  • Publish an Electrode Native container to a local Maven repository:

ern publish-container --publisher {{maven}} --platform {{android}} --extra {{'{"groupId":"","artifactId":"quickstart"}'}}

  • Transform an iOS container into a pre-compiled binary framework:

ern transform-container --platform {{ios}} --transformer {{xcframework}}

  • List all installed versions of Electrode Native:

ern platform versions

  • Set a logging level:

ern platform config set logLevel {{trace|debug}}