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VPN daemon. Works on Layer 2 or Layer 3, supports different encryption methods, used by Freifunk. More information:

  • Start fastd with a specific configuration file:

fastd --config {{path/to/fastd.conf}}

  • Start a Layer 3 VPN with an MTU of 1400, loading the rest of the configuration parameters from a file:

fastd --mode {{tap}} --mtu {{1400}} --config {{path/to/fastd.conf}}

  • Validate a configuration file:

fastd --verify-config --config {{path/to/fastd.conf}}

  • Generate a new key:

fastd --generate-key

  • Show the public key to a private key in a configuration file:

fastd --show-key --config {{path/to/fastd.conf}}

  • Show the current version:

fastd -v