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Efficient duplicate file finder and remover. More information:

  • Search for duplicate files in the current directory:

fclones group .

  • Search multiple directories for duplicate files and cache the results:

fclones group --cache {{path/to/directory1 path/to/directory2}}

  • Search only the specified directory for duplicate files, skipping subdirectories and save the results into a file:

fclones group {{path/to/directory}} --depth 1 > {{path/to/file.txt}}

  • Move the duplicate files in a TXT file to a different directory:

fclones move {{path/to/target_directory}} < {{path/to/file.txt}}

  • Perform a dry run for soft links in a TXT file without actually linking:

fclones link --soft < {{path/to/file.txt}} --dry-run 2 > /dev/null

  • Delete the newest duplicates from the current directory without storing them in a file:

fclones group . | fclones remove --priority newest

  • Preprocess JPEG files in the current directory by using an external command to strip their EXIF data before matching for duplicates:

fclones group . --name '*.jpg' -i --transform 'exiv2 -d a $IN' --in-place