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Render an image of a force-directed network graph from a graphviz file. Layouts: dot, neato, twopi, circo, fdp, sfdp, osage & patchwork. More information:

  • Render a PNG image with a filename based on the input filename and output format (uppercase -O):

fdp -T png -O {{path/to/input.gv}}

  • Render a SVG image with the specified output filename (lowercase -o):

fdp -T svg -o {{path/to/image.svg}} {{path/to/input.gv}}

  • Render the output in a specific format:

fdp -T {{ps|pdf|svg|fig|png|gif|jpg|json|dot}} -O {{path/to/input.gv}}

  • Render a gif image using stdin and stdout:

echo "{{digraph {this -> that} }}" | fdp -T gif > {{path/to/image.gif}}

  • Display help:

fdp -?