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Simple, fast, recursive content discovery tool written in Rust. Used to brute-force hidden paths on web servers and more. More information:

  • Discover specific directories and files that match in the wordlist with extensions and 100 threads and a random user-agent:

feroxbuster --url "{{}}" --wordlist {{path/to/file}} --threads {{100}} --extensions "{{php,txt}}" --random-agent

  • Enumerate directories without recursion through a specific proxy:

feroxbuster --url "{{}}" --wordlist {{path/to/file}} --no-recursion --proxy "{{}}"

  • Find links in webpages:

feroxbuster --url "{{}}" --extract-links

  • Filter by a specific status code and a number of chars:

feroxbuster --url "{{}}" --filter-status {{301}} --filter-size {{4092}}