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Extract fields from a flat database file and write to another format. A configuration file is required to interpret the input and format the output. More information:

  • Display all input data using the specified data configuration:

ffe --configuration={{path/to/config.ffe}} {{path/to/input}}

  • Convert an input file to an output file in a new format:

ffe --output={{path/to/output}} -c {{path/to/config.ffe}} {{path/to/input}}

  • Select input structure and print format from definitions in ~/.fferc configuration file:

ffe --structure={{structure}} --print={{format}} {{path/to/input}}

  • Write only the selected fields:

ffe --field-list="{{FirstName,LastName,Age}}" -c {{path/to/config.ffe}} {{path/to/input}}

  • Write only the records that match an expression:

ffe -e "{{LastName=Smith}}" -c {{path/to/config.ffe}} {{path/to/input}}

  • Display help:

ffe --help