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Command-line tool for concourse-ci. More information:

  • Authenticate with and save concourse target:

fly --target {{target_name}} login --team-name {{team_name}} -c {{}}

  • List targets:

fly targets

  • List pipelines:

fly -t {{target_name}} pipelines

  • Upload or update a pipeline:

fly -t {{target_name}} set-pipeline --config {{pipeline.yml}} --pipeline {{pipeline_name}}

  • Unpause pipeline:

fly -t {{target_name}} unpause-pipeline --pipeline {{pipeline_name}}

  • Show pipeline configuration:

fly -t {{target_name}} get-pipeline --pipeline {{pipeline_name}}

  • Update local copy of fly:

fly -t {{target_name}} sync

  • Destroy pipeline:

fly -t {{target_name}} destroy-pipeline --pipeline {{pipeline_name}}