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Find files with SQL-like queries. More information:

  • Select full path and size from temporary or configuration files in a given directory:

fselect size, path from {{path/to/directory}} where name = {{'*.cfg'}} or name = {{'*.tmp'}}

  • Find square images:

fselect path from {{path/to/directory}} where width = height

  • Find old-school rap 320kbps MP3 files:

fselect path from {{path/to/directory}} where genre = {{Rap}} and bitrate = {{320}} and mp3_year lt {{2000}}

  • Select only the first 5 results and output as JSON:

fselect size, path from {{path/to/directory}} limit {{5}} into json

  • Use SQL aggregate functions to calculate minimum, maximum and average size of files in a directory:

fselect "{{MIN(size), MAX(size), AVG(size), SUM(size), COUNT(*)}} from {{path/to/directory}}"