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Compiles C++ source files. Part of GCC (GNU Compiler Collection). More information:

  • Compile a source code file into an executable binary:

g++ {{path/to/source.cpp}} -o {{path/to/output_executable}}

  • Display common warnings:

g++ {{path/to/source.cpp}} -Wall -o {{path/to/output_executable}}

  • Choose a language standard to compile for (C++98/C++11/C++14/C++17):

g++ {{path/to/source.cpp}} -std={{c++98|c++11|c++14|c++17}} -o {{path/to/output_executable}}

  • Include libraries located at a different path than the source file:

g++ {{path/to/source.cpp}} -o {{path/to/output_executable}} -I{{path/to/header}} -L{{path/to/library}} -l{{library_name}}

  • Compile and link multiple source code files into an executable binary:

g++ -c {{path/to/source1.cpp path/to/source2.cpp ...}} && g++ -o {{path/to/output_executable}} {{path/to/source1.o path/to/source2.o ...}}

  • Optimize the compiled program for performance:

g++ {{path/to/source.cpp}} -O{{1|2|3|fast}} -o {{path/to/output_executable}}

  • Display version:

g++ --version