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Interact with Google Calendar. Requests Google API authorization upon first launch. More information:

  • List your events for all your calendars over the next 7 days:

gcalcli agenda

  • Show events starting from or between specific dates (also takes relative dates e.g. "tomorrow"):

gcalcli agenda {{mm/dd}} [{{mm/dd}}]

  • List events from a specific calendar:

gcalcli --calendar {{calendar_name}} agenda

  • Display an ASCII calendar of events by week:

gcalcli calw

  • Display an ASCII calendar of events for a month:

gcalcli calm

  • Quick-add an event to your calendar:

gcalcli --calendar {{calendar_name}} quick "{{mm/dd}} {{HH:MM}} {{event_name}}"

  • Add an event to calendar. Triggers interactive prompt:

gcalcli --calendar "{{calendar_name}}" add