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Convert raster data between different formats. More information:

  • Convert a raster dataset to JPEG format:

gdal_translate -of {{JPEG}} {{path/to/input.tif}} {{path/to/output.jpeg}}

  • Assign a projection to a raster dataset:

gdal_translate -a_srs {{EPSG:4326}} {{path/to/input.tif}} {{path/to/output.tif}}

  • Reduce the size of a raster dataset to a specific fraction:

gdal_translate -outsize {{40%}} {{40%}} {{path/to/input.tif}} {{path/to/output.tif}}

  • Convert a GeoTiff to a Cloud Optimized GeoTiff:

gdal_translate {{path/to/input.tif}} {{path/to/output.tif}} -of COG -co COMPRESS=LZW