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Create, edit, manipulate, and get information about GIF files. More information:

  • Optimize a GIF as a new file:

gifsicle {{path/to/input.gif}} --optimize=3 -o {{path/to/output.gif}}

  • Use [b]atch mode (modify each given file in place) and unoptimize a GIF:

gifsicle -b {{path/to/input.gif}} --unoptimize

  • Extract a frame from a GIF:

gifsicle {{path/to/input.gif}} '#{{0}}' > {{path/to/first_frame.gif}}

  • Make a GIF animation from selected GIFs:

gifsicle {{*.gif}} --delay={{10}} --loop > {{path/to/output.gif}}

  • Reduce file size using lossy compression:

gifsicle -b {{path/to/input.gif}} --optimize=3 --lossy={{100}} --colors={{16}} --dither

  • Delete the first 10 frames and all frames after frame 20 from a GIF:

gifsicle -b {{path/to/input.gif}} --delete '#{{0-9}}' '#{{20-}}'

  • Modify all frames by cropping them to a rectangle, changing their scale, flipping them, and rotating them:

gifsicle -b --crop {{starting_x}},{{starting_y}}+{{rect_width}}x{{rect_height}} --scale {{0.25}} --flip-horizontal --rotate-{{90|180|270}} {{path/to/input.gif}}