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git bulk

Execute operations on multiple Git repositories. Part of git-extras. More information:

  • Register the current directory as a workspace:

git bulk --addcurrent {{workspace_name}}

  • Register a workspace for bulk operations:

git bulk --addworkspace {{workspace_name}} {{/absolute/path/to/repository}}

  • Clone a repository inside a specific directory, then register the repository as a workspace:

git bulk --addworkspace {{workspace_name}} {{/absolute/path/to/parent_directory}} --from {{remote_repository_location}}

  • Clone repositories from a newline-separated list of remote locations, then register them as workspaces:

git bulk --addworkspace {{workspace_name}} {{/path/to/root/directory}} --from {{/path/to/file}}

  • List all registered workspaces:

git bulk --listall

  • Run a Git command on the repositories of the current workspace:

git bulk {{command}} {{command_arguments}}

  • Remove a specific workspace:

git bulk --removeworkspace {{workspace_name}}

  • Remove all workspaces:

git bulk --purge