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git diff

Show changes to tracked files. More information:

  • Show unstaged changes:

git diff

  • Show all uncommitted changes (including staged ones):

git diff HEAD

  • Show only staged (added, but not yet committed) changes:

git diff --staged

  • Show changes from all commits since a given date/time (a date expression, e.g. "1 week 2 days" or an ISO date):

git diff 'HEAD@{3 months|weeks|days|hours|seconds ago}'

  • Show only names of changed files since a given commit:

git diff --name-only {{commit}}

  • Output a summary of file creations, renames and mode changes since a given commit:

git diff --summary {{commit}}

  • Compare a single file between two branches or commits:

git diff {{branch_1}}..{{branch_2}} [--] {{path/to/file}}

  • Compare different files from the current branch to other branch:

git diff {{branch}}:{{path/to/file2}} {{path/to/file}}