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git stash

Stash local Git changes in a temporary area. More information:

  • Stash current changes, except new (untracked) files:

git stash push -m {{optional_stash_message}}

  • Stash current changes, including new (untracked) files:

git stash -u

  • Interactively select parts of changed files for stashing:

git stash -p

  • List all stashes (shows stash name, related branch and message):

git stash list

  • Show the changes as a patch between the stash (default is stash@{0}) and the commit back when stash entry was first created:

git stash show -p {{stash@{0}}}

git stash apply {{optional_stash_name_or_commit}}

  • Drop or apply a stash (default is stash@{0}) (Private) and remove it from the stash list if applying doesn't cause conflicts:

git stash pop {{optional_stash_name}}

  • Drop all stashes:

git stash clear