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git subtree

Manage project dependencies as subprojects. More information:

  • Add a Git repository as a subtree:

git subtree add --prefix={{path/to/directory/}} --squash {{repository_url}} {{branch_name}}

  • Update subtree repository to its latest commit:

git subtree pull --prefix={{path/to/directory/}} {{repository_url}} {{branch_name}}

  • Merge recent changes up to the latest subtree commit into the subtree:

git subtree merge --prefix={{path/to/directory/}} --squash {{repository_url}} {{branch_name}}

  • Push commits to a subtree repository:

git subtree push --prefix={{path/to/directory/}} {{repository_url}} {{branch_name}}

  • Extract a new project history from the history of a subtree:

git subtree split --prefix={{path/to/directory/}} {{repository_url}} -b {{branch_name}}