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A LaTeX formula preprocessor for HTML files. It converts LaTeX formulas to images. More information:

  • Convert to HTML:

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}}

  • Save the converted file to a specific location:

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}} -o {{path/to/output.html}}

  • Save the generated images to a specific [d]irectory:

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}} -d {{path/to/image_output_directory}}

  • Set image [r]esolution (in dpi, default is 100):

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}} -r {{resolution}}

  • [k]eep LaTeX files after conversion:

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}} -k

  • Set [b]ackground and [f]oreground color of the images:

gladtex {{path/to/input.htex}} -b {{background_color}} -f {{foreground_color}}

  • Convert Markdown to HTML using pandoc and gladtex:

pandoc -s -t html --gladtex {{path/to/}} | gladtex -o {{path/to/output.html}}