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Optical Character Recognition tool. Recognize characters using its engine, and prompt the user for unknown patterns to store them in a database. More information:

  • Recognize characters in the [i]nput image and [o]utput it in the given file. Put the database ([p]) in path/to/db_directory (verify that the folder exists or DB usage will silently be skipped). [m]ode 130 means create + use + extend database:

gocr -m 130 -p {{path/to/db_directory}} -i {{path/to/input_image.png}} -o {{path/to/output_file.txt}}

  • Recognize characters and assume all [C]haracters are numbers:

gocr -m 130 -p {{path/to/db_directory}} -i {{path/to/input_image.png}} -o {{path/to/output_file.txt}} -C "{{0..9}}"

  • Recognize characters with a cert[a]inty of 100% (characters have a higher chance to be treated as unknown):

gocr -m 130 -p {{path/to/db_directory}} -i {{path/to/input_image.png}} -o {{path/to/output_file.txt}} -a 100