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Renders an animated tree diagram of Git, SVN, Mercurial and Bazaar repositories. It shows files and directories being created, modified or removed over time. More information:

  • Run gource in a directory (if it isn't the repository's root directory, the root is sought up from there):

gource {{path/to/repository}}

  • Run gource in the current directory, with a custom output resolution:

gource -{{width}}x{{height}}

  • Set a custom timescale for the animation:

gource -c {{time_scale_multiplier}}

  • Set how long each day should be in the animation (this combines with -c, if provided):

gource -s {{seconds}}

  • Set fullscreen mode and a custom background color:

gource -f -b {{hex_color_code}}

  • Set a title for the animation:

gource --title {{title}}