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Administrate OpenPGP and PIV smart cards. Similar to gpg --card-edit. More information:

  • Start in interactive mode:


  • Invoke one or more commands non-interactively:

gpg-card {{command1}} -- {{command2}} -- {{command3}}

  • Show information about a smart card:

gpg-card list

  • Retrieve the public key using the URL stored on an OpenPGP card:

gpg-card fetch

  • Set the URL used by the fetch command:

gpg-card url

  • Change or unblock PINs (uses the default action for the card in non-interactive mode):

gpg-card passwd

  • Toggle the forcesig flag of an OpenPGP card (i.e. require entering the user PIN for signing):

gpg-card forcesig

  • Factory reset a smart card (i.e. delete all data and reset PINs):

gpg-card factory-reset