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Typesetting program that reads plain text mixed with formatting commands and produces formatted output. It is the GNU replacement for the troff and nroff Unix commands for text formatting. More information:

  • Render a man page as plain text, and display the result:

groff -man -T utf8 {{manpage.1}}

  • Render a man page using the ASCII output device, and display it using a pager:

groff -man -T ascii {{manpage.1}} | less

  • Render a man page into an HTML file:

groff -man -T html {{manpage.1}} > {{page.html}}

  • Process a roff file using the tbl and pic preprocessors, and the me macro set:

groff -t -p -me -T utf8 {{}}

  • Run a groff command with preprocessor and macro options guessed by the grog utility:

eval "$(grog -T utf8 {{}})"