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Make glamorous shell scripts. More information:

  • Interactively pick a specific option to print to stdout:

gum choose "{{option_1}}" "{{option_2}}" "{{option_3}}"

  • Open an interactive prompt for the user to input a string with a specific placeholder:

gum input --placeholder "{{value}}"

  • Open an interactive confirmation prompt and exit with either 0 or 1:

gum confirm "{{Continue?}}" --default=false --affirmative "{{Yes}}" --negative "{{No}}" {{&& echo "Yes selected" || echo "No selected"}}

  • Show a spinner while a command is taking place with text alongside:

gum spin --spinner {{dot|line|minidot|jump|pulse|points|globe|moon|monkey|meter|hamburger}} --title "{{loading...}}" -- {{command}}

  • Format text to include emojis:

gum format -t {{emoji}} "{{:smile: :heart: hello}}"

  • Interactively prompt for multi-line text (CTRL + D to save) and write to data.txt:

gum write > {{data.txt}}