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Command-line interface to the HandBrake video conversion and DVD ripping tool. More information:

  • Convert a video file to MKV (AAC 160kbit audio and x264 CRF20 video):

handbrakecli --input {{input.avi}} --output {{output.mkv}} --encoder x264 --quality 20 --ab 160

  • Resize a video file to 320x240:

handbrakecli --input {{input.mp4}} --output {{output.mp4}} --width 320 --height 240

  • List available presets:

handbrakecli --preset-list

  • Convert an AVI video to MP4 using the Android preset:

handbrakecli --preset="Android" --input {{input.ext}} --output {{output.mp4}}

  • Print the content of a DVD, getting the CSS keys in the process:

handbrakecli --input {{/dev/sr0}} --title 0

  • Rip the first track of a DVD in the specified device. Audiotracks and subtitle languages are specified as lists:

handbrakecli --input {{/dev/sr0}} --title 1 --output {{out.mkv}} --format av_mkv --encoder x264 --subtitle {{1,4,5}} --audio {{1,2}} --aencoder copy --quality {{23}}