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A robust, friendly plain text accounting app. See also: hledger-ui for TUI, hledger-web for web interface. More information:

  • Record new transactions interactively, saving to the default journal file:

hledger add

  • Import new transactions from bank.csv, using bank.csv.rules to convert:

hledger import {{path/to/bank.csv}}

  • Print all transactions, reading from multiple specified journal files:

hledger print --file {{path/to/prices-2024.journal}} --file {{path/to/prices-2023.journal}}

  • Show all accounts, as a hierarchy, and their types:

hledger accounts --tree --types

  • Show asset and liability account balances, including zeros, hierarchically:

hledger balancesheet --empty --tree --no-elide

  • Show monthly incomes/expenses/totals, largest first, summarised to 2 levels:

hledger incomestatement --monthly --row-total --average --sort --depth 2

  • Show the assets:bank:checking account's transactions and running balance:

hledger aregister assets:bank:checking

  • Show the amount spent on food from the assets:cash account:

hledger print assets:cash | hledger -f- -I aregister expenses:food