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Create and manage htpasswd files to protect web server directories using basic authentication. More information:

  • Create/overwrite htpasswd file:

htpasswd -c {{path/to/file}} {{username}}

  • Add user to htpasswd file or update existing user:

htpasswd {{path/to/file}} {{username}}

  • Add user to htpasswd file in batch mode without an interactive password prompt (for script usage):

htpasswd -b {{path/to/file}} {{username}} {{password}}

  • Delete user from htpasswd file:

htpasswd -D {{path/to/file}} {{username}}

  • Verify user password:

htpasswd -v {{path/to/file}} {{username}}

  • Display a string with username (plain text) and password (md5):

htpasswd -nbm {{username}} {{password}}