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A wrapper for Git that adds commands for working with GitHub-based projects. If set up as instructed by hub alias, one can use git to run hub commands. More information:

  • Clone a repository you own, using just the repository name rather than the full URL:

hub clone {{repo_name}}

  • Clone another user's repository, using their GitHub username and the repository name:

hub clone {{username}}/{{repo_name}}

  • Create a fork of the current repository (cloned from another user) under your GitHub profile:

hub fork

  • Push the current local branch to GitHub and create a PR for it in the original repository:

hub push {{remote_name}} && hub pull-request

  • Create a PR of the current (already pushed) branch, reusing the message from the first commit:

hub pull-request --no-edit

  • Create a new branch with the contents of a pull request and switch to it:

hub pr checkout {{pr_number}}

  • Upload the current (local-only) repository to your GitHub account:

hub create