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A command-line benchmarking tool. More information:

  • Run a basic benchmark, performing at least 10 runs:

hyperfine '{{make}}'

  • Run a comparative benchmark:

hyperfine '{{make target1}}' '{{make target2}}'

  • Change minimum number of benchmarking runs:

hyperfine --min-runs {{7}} '{{make}}'

  • Perform benchmark with warmup:

hyperfine --warmup {{5}} '{{make}}'

  • Run a command before each benchmark run (to clear caches, etc.):

hyperfine --prepare '{{make clean}}' '{{make}}'

  • Run a benchmark where a single parameter changes for each run:

hyperfine --prepare '{{make clean}}' --parameter-scan {{num_threads}} {{1}} {{10}} '{{make -j {num_threads}}}'