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Generating link metadata while carrying out a supply chain step. More information:

  • Tag a Git repo and signing the resulting link file:

in-toto-run -n {{tag}} --products {{.}} -k {{key_file}} -- {{git tag v1.0}}

  • Create a tarball, storing files as materials and the tarball as product:

in-toto-run -n {{package}} -m {{project}} -p {{project.tar.gz}} -- {{tar czf project.tar.gz project}}

  • Generate signed attestations for review work:

in-toto-run -n {{review}} -k {{key_file}} -m {{document.pdf}} -x

  • Scan the image using Trivy and generate link file:

in-toto-run -n {{scan}} -k {{key_file}} -p {{report.json}} -- {{/bin/sh -c "trivy -o report.json -f json <IMAGE>"}}