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Sign in-toto link or layout metadata or verify their signatures. More information:

  • Sign 'unsigned.layout' with two keys and write it to 'root.layout':

in-toto-sign -f {{unsigned.layout}} -k {{priv_key1}} {{priv_key2}} -o {{root.layout}}

  • Replace signature in link file and write to default filename:

in-toto-sign -f {{}} -k {{priv_key}}

  • Verify a layout signed with 3 keys:

in-toto-sign -f {{root.layout}} -k {{pub_key0}} {{pub_key1}} {{pub_key2}} --verify

  • Sign a layout with the default GPG key in default GPG keyring:

in-toto-sign -f {{root.layout}} --gpg

  • Verify a layout with a GPG key identified by keyid '...439F3C2':

in-toto-sign -f {{root.layout}} --verify --gpg {{...439F3C2}}