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Install Node.js runtime versions for ps-nvm. This command is part of ps-nvm and can only be run under PowerShell. More information:

  • Install a specific Node.js version:

Install-NodeVersion {{node_version}}

  • Install multiple Node.js versions:

Install-NodeVersion {{node_version1 , node_version2 , ...}}

  • Install latest available version of Node.js 20:

Install-NodeVersion ^20

  • Install the x86 (x86 32-bit) / x64 (x86 64-bit) / arm64 (ARM 64-bit) version of Node.js:

Install-NodeVersion {{node_version}} -Architecture {{x86|x64|arm64}}

  • Use a HTTP proxy to download Node.js:

Install-NodeVersion {{node-version}} -Proxy {{}}