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A simple IPP Everywhere printer server. See also: ippeveps, ippevepcl. More information:

  • Run the server with a specific service name:

ippeveprinter "{{service_name}}"

  • Load printer attributes from a PPD file:

ippeveprinter -P {{path/to/file.ppd}} "{{service_name}}"

  • Run the file command whenever a job is sent to the server:

ippeveprinter -c {{/usr/bin/file}} "{{service_name}}"

  • Specify the directory that will hold the print files (by default, a directory under the user's temporary directory):

ippeveprinter -d {{spool_directory}} "{{service_name}}"

  • Keep the print documents in the spool directory rather than deleting them:

ippeveprinter -k "{{service_name}}"

  • Specify the printer speed in pages/minute unit (10 by default):

ippeveprinter -s {{speed}} "{{service_name}}"