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Preprocesses and compiles Verilog HDL (IEEE-1364) code into executable programs for simulation. More information:

  • Compile a source file into an executable:

iverilog {{path/to/source.v}} -o {{path/to/executable}}

  • Compile a source file into an executable while displaying all warnings:

iverilog {{path/to/source.v}} -Wall -o {{path/to/executable}}

  • Compile and run explicitly using the VVP runtime:

iverilog -o {{path/to/executable}} -tvvp {{path/to/source.v}}

  • Compile using Verilog library files from a different path:

iverilog {{path/to/source.v}} -o {{path/to/executable}} -I{{path/to/library_directory}}

  • Preprocess Verilog code without compiling:

iverilog -E {{path/to/source.v}}