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Easily create, edit and run self-contained source-only Java programs. See also: java. More information:

  • Initialize a simple Java class:

jbang init {{path/to/}}

  • Initialize a Java class (useful for scripting):

jbang init --template={{cli}} {{path/to/}}

  • Use jshell to explore and use a script and any dependencies in a REPL editor:

jbang run --interactive

  • Setup a temporary project to edit a script in an IDE:

jbang edit --open={{codium|code|eclipse|idea|netbeans|gitpod}} {{path/to/}}

  • Run a Java code snippet (Java 9 and later):

{{echo 'Files.list(Paths.get("/etc")).forEach(System.out::println);'}} | jbang -

  • Run command line application:

jbang {{path/to/}} {{command}} {{arg1 arg2 ...}}

  • Install a script on the user's $PATH:

jbang app install --name {{command_name}} {{path/to/}}

  • Install a specific version of JDK to be used with jbang:

jbang jdk install {{version}}