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Apache Kafka producer and consumer tool. More information:

  • Consume messages starting with the newest offset:

kcat -C -t {{topic}} -b {{brokers}}

  • Consume messages starting with the oldest offset and exit after the last message is received:

kcat -C -t {{topic}} -b {{brokers}} -o beginning -e

  • Consume messages as a Kafka consumer group:

kcat -G {{group_id}} {{topic}} -b {{brokers}}

  • Publish message by reading from stdin:

echo {{message}} | kcat -P -t {{topic}} -b {{brokers}}

  • Publish messages by reading from a file:

kcat -P -t {{topic}} -b {{brokers}} {{path/to/file}}

  • List metadata for all topics and brokers:

kcat -L -b {{brokers}}

  • List metadata for a specific topic:

kcat -L -t {{topic}} -b {{brokers}}

  • Get offset for a topic/partition for a specific point in time:

kcat -Q -t {{topic}}:{{partition}}:{{unix_timestamp}} -b {{brokers}}