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Use KDE Connect for sharing files or text to a device, ringing it, unlocking it, and much more. More information:

  • List all devices:

kdeconnect-cli --list-devices

  • List available (paired and reachable) devices:

kdeconnect-cli --list-available

  • Request pairing with a specific device, specifying its ID:

kdeconnect-cli --pair --device {{device_id}}

  • Ring a device, specifying its name:

kdeconnect-cli --ring --name "{{device_name}}"

  • Share an URL or file with a paired device, specifying its ID:

kdeconnect-cli --share {{url|path/to/file}} --device {{device_id}}

  • Send an SMS with an optional attachment to a specific number:

kdeconnect-cli --name "{{device_name}}" --send-sms "{{message}}" --destination {{phone_number}} --attachment {{path/to/file}}

  • Unlock a specific device:

kdeconnect-cli --name "{{device_name}}" --unlock

  • Simulate a key press on a specific device:

kdeconnect-cli --name "{{device_name}}" --send-keys {{key}}