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Command-line interface for KeepassXC. More information:

  • Search entries:

keepassxc-cli search {{path/to/database_file}} {{name}}

  • List the contents of a folder:

keepassxc-cli ls {{path/to/database_file}} {{/path/to/directory}}

  • Add an entry with an auto-generated password:

keepassxc-cli add --generate {{path/to/database_file}} {{entry_name}}

  • Delete an entry:

keepassxc-cli rm {{path/to/database_file}} {{entry_name}}

  • Copy an entry's password to the clipboard:

keepassxc-cli clip {{path/to/database_file}} {{entry_name}}

  • Copy a TOTP code to the clipboard:

keepassxc-cli clip --totp {{path/to/database_file}} {{entry_name}}

  • Generate a passphrase with 7 words:

keepassxc-cli diceware --words {{7}}

  • Generate a password with 16 printable ASCII characters:

keepassxc-cli generate --lower --upper --numeric --special --length {{16}}