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Fast, secure open-source backup tool. Supports encryption, compression, deduplication, and incremental snapshots. More information:

  • Create a repository in the local filesystem:

kopia repository create filesystem --path {{path/to/local_repository}}

  • Create a repository on Amazon S3:

kopia repository create s3 --bucket {{bucket_name}} --access-key {{AWS_access_key_id}} --secret-access-key {{AWS_secret_access_key}}

  • Connect to a repository:

kopia repository connect {{repository_type}} --path {{path/to/repository}}

  • Create a snapshot of a directory:

kopia snapshot create {{path/to/directory}}

  • List snapshots:

kopia snapshot list

  • Restore a snapshot to a specific directory:

kopia snapshot restore {{snapshot_id}} {{path/to/target_directory}}

  • Create a new policy:

kopia policy set --global --keep-latest {{number_of_snapshots_to_keep}} --compression {{compression_algorithm}}

  • Ignore a specific file or folder from backups:

kopia policy set --global --add-ignore {{path/to/file_or_folder}}