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Command-line interface for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters. More information:

  • Create a Kubernetes master node:

kubeadm init

  • Bootstrap a Kubernetes worker node and join it to a cluster:

kubeadm join --token {{token}}

  • Create a new bootstrap token with a TTL of 12 hours:

kubeadm token create --ttl {{12h0m0s}}

  • Check if the Kubernetes cluster is upgradeable and which versions are available:

kubeadm upgrade plan

  • Upgrade Kubernetes cluster to a specified version:

kubeadm upgrade apply {{version}}

  • View the kubeadm ConfigMap containing the cluster's configuration:

kubeadm config view

  • Revert changes made to the host by 'kubeadm init' or 'kubeadm join':

kubeadm reset