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kubectl run

Run pods in Kubernetes. Specifies pod generator to avoid deprecation error in some K8S versions. More information:

  • Run an nginx pod and expose port 80:

kubectl run {{nginx-dev}} --image=nginx --port 80

  • Run an nginx pod, setting the TEST_VAR environment variable:

kubectl run {{nginx-dev}} --image=nginx --env="{{TEST_VAR}}={{testing}}"

  • Show API calls that would be made to create an nginx container:

kubectl run {{nginx-dev}} --image=nginx --dry-run={{none|server|client}}

  • Run an Ubuntu pod interactively, never restart it, and remove it when it exits:

kubectl run {{temp-ubuntu}} --image=ubuntu:22.04 --restart=Never --rm -- /bin/bash

  • Run an Ubuntu pod, overriding the default command with echo, and specifying custom arguments:

kubectl run {{temp-ubuntu}} --image=ubuntu:22.04 --command -- echo {{argument1 argument2 ...}}