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Compile LaTeX source files into finished documents. Automatically does multiple runs when needed. More information:

  • Compile a DVI (Device Independent file) document from every source:


  • Compile a DVI document from a specific source file:

latexmk {{path/to/source.tex}}

  • Compile a PDF document:

latexmk -pdf {{path/to/source.tex}}

  • Open the document in a viewer and continuously update it whenever source files change:

latexmk -pvc {{path/to/source.tex}}

  • Force the generation of a document even if there are errors:

latexmk -f {{path/to/source.tex}}

  • Clean up temporary TEX files created for a specific TEX file:

latexmk -c {{path/to/source.tex}}

  • Clean up all temporary TEX files in the current directory:

latexmk -c