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Analyzes web applications and web pages, collecting modern performance metrics and insights on developer best practices. More information:

  • Generate an HTML report for a specific website and save it to a file in the current directory:

lighthouse {{}}

  • Generate a JSON report and print it:

lighthouse --output {{json}} {{}}

  • Generate a JSON report and save it to a specific file:

lighthouse --output {{json}} --output-path {{path/to/file.json}} {{}}

  • Generate a report using the browser in headless mode without logging to stdout:

lighthouse --quiet --chrome-flags="{{--headless}}" {{}}

  • Generate a report, using the HTTP header key/value pairs in the specified JSON file for all requests:

lighthouse --extra-headers={{path/to/file.json}} {{}}

  • Generate a report for specific categories only:

lighthouse --only-categories={{performance,accessibility,best-practices,seo,pwa}} {{}}

  • Generate a report with device emulation and all throttling disabled:

lighthouse --screenEmulation.disabled --throttling-method={{provided}} --no-emulatedUserAgent {{}}

  • Display help:

lighthouse --help