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Interact with Large Language Models (LLMs) via remote APIs and models that can be installed and run on your machine. More information:

  • Set up an OpenAI API Key:

llm keys set openai

  • Run a prompt:

llm "{{Ten fun names for a pet pelican}}"

  • Run a [s]ystem prompt against a file:

cat {{path/to/}} | llm --system "{{Explain this code}}"

  • Install packages from PyPI into the same environment as LLM:

llm install {{package1 package2 ...}}

  • Download and run a prompt against a [m]odel:

llm --model {{orca-mini-3b-gguf2-q4_0}} "{{What is the capital of France?}}"

  • Create a [s]ystem prompt and [s]ave it with a template name:

llm --system '{{You are a sentient cheesecake}}' --save {{sentient_cheesecake}}

  • Have an interactive chat with a specific [m]odel using a specific [t]emplate:

llm chat --model {{chatgpt}} --template {{sentient_cheesecake}}