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Free, open source, cross-platform digital audio workstation. Render a .mmp or .mmpz project file, dump a .mmpz as XML, or start the GUI. See also: mixxx. More information:

  • Start the GUI:


  • Start the GUI and load external config:

lmms --config {{path/to/config.xml}}

  • Start the GUI and import MIDI or Hydrogen file:

lmms --import {{path/to/midi/or/hydrogen/file}}

  • Start the GUI with a specified window size:

lmms --geometry {{x_size}}x{{y_size}}+{{x_offset}}+{{y_offset}}

  • Dump a .mmpz file:

lmms dump {{path/to/mmpz/file.mmpz}}

  • Render a project file:

lmms render {{path/to/mmpz_or_mmp/file}}

  • Render the individual tracks of a project file:

lmms rendertracks {{path/to/mmpz_or_mmp/file}} {{path/to/dump/directory}}

  • Render with custom samplerate, format, and as a loop:

lmms render --samplerate {{88200}} --format {{ogg}} --loop --output {{path/to/output/file.ogg}}