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Fast, cross-platform package manager, intended as a drop-in replacement for conda. Some subcommands such as mamba repoquery have their own usage documentation. More information:

  • Create a new environment, installing the specified packages into it:

mamba create --name {{environment_name}} {{python=3.10 matplotlib}}

  • Install packages into the current environment, specifying the package [c]hannel:

mamba install -c {{conda-forge}} {{python=3.6 numpy}}

  • Update all packages in the current environment:

mamba update --all

  • Search for a specific package across repositories:

mamba repoquery search {{numpy}}

  • List all environments:

mamba info --envs

  • Remove unused [p]ackages and [t]arballs from the cache:

mamba clean -pt

  • Activate an environment:

mamba activate {{environment_name}}

  • List all installed packages in the currently activated environment:

mamba list