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A smart command history search and management tool. Replaces your default shell history search (ctrl-r) with an intelligent search engine providing context and relevance to the commands. More information:

  • Print the mcfly integration code for the specified shell:

mcfly init {{bash|fish|zsh}}

  • Search the history for a command, with 20 results:

mcfly search --results {{20}} "{{search_terms}}"

  • Add a new command to the history:

mcfly add "{{command}}"

  • Record that a directory has moved and transfer the historical records from the old path to the new one:

mcfly move "{{path/to/old_directory}}" "{{path/to/new_directory}}"

  • Train the suggestion engine (developer tool):

mcfly train

  • Display help for a specific subcommand:

mcfly help {{subcommand}}