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Automate the setup and deployment of Hyperledger Fabric networks. More information:

  • Bring up the default Hyperledger Fabric network:

minifab up -i {{minifab_version}}

  • Bring down the Hyperledger Fabric network:

minifab down

  • Install chaincode onto a specified channel:

minifab install -n {{chaincode_name}}

  • Install a specific chaincode version onto a channel:

minifab install -n {{chaincode_name}} -v {{chaincode_version}}

  • Initialize the chaincode after installation/upgrade:

minifab approve,commit,initialize,discover

  • Invoke a chaincode method with the specified arguments:

minifab invoke -n {{chaincode_name}} -p '"{{method_name}}", "{{argument1}}", "{{argument2}}", ...'

  • Make a query on the ledger:

minifab blockquery {{block_number}}

  • Quickly run an application:

minifab apprun -l {{app_programming_language}}